Mar 012021

Frank is a success at a gay bar, and Pete and Tiff are there as support. 

Tiff: “It is so crazy to me how gay people just have bars where they go and they do whatever the fuck they want and nobody judges them.”

Pete: “Oh, it’s the most judgmental place in the world, but that’s the way we like it.”

Pete wears the collar Tiff threw away earlier. 

Pete catches Tiff’s lie about the dom class being cancelled, but Tiff is called away because Doug has been in a car accident. 

Tiff and Gina bond over a joint, next to Doug’s hospital bed. We learn that Tiff was selling her used panties for money, and met Mistress Mira as a mentor. 

Tiff: “Something just… clicked, you know? She made me feel confident and strong and powerful. Everything that I really wasn’t.”

Meanwhile, Pete meets Josh and Patrick, a former boyfriend of Josh. He notices that Patrick looks a lot like him, and gets on edge about being a fetish for Josh. Josh initiates a three-way makeout, controlling both of the boys. 

Back at Pete’s apartment, things are getting intense with Josh, Pete and Patrick, until Patrick starts talking about “twincest.” This makes Pete back out. Josh immediately sides with Pete. Patrick has a tantrum, messes up Pete’s apartment and leaves.

Pete takes off his collar and has a talk with Josh. 

This was an opportunity to talk about the parameters of Pete’s relationship with Josh. He’s the one who gave Josh a collar to put on him, and now he took it off himself. It doesn’t look like he and Josh have had any kind of negotiation about a dom-sub dynamic. Pete’s attachment to BDSM remains superficial. He likes the aesthetic without the work or the relationships behind it, and that contributes to the widening rift between him and Tiff.

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