Mar 042021

Penguin Guy returns. Pete, in his own penguin suit, puts his heart into his performance, waddling around the dungeon looking for his egg. There’s an improvisational give-and-take, as Penguin Guy finds Pete’s reference to global warming to be a “boner killer”, but Pete adjusts and carries on. 

Tiff comes in (in regular clothes) and says using Mistress Mira’s dungeon isn’t allowed. Pete is being kind of a dick. Not only is he poaching clients from Tiff, he’s jeopardizing her future career as a domme by goofing off in class and using the dungeon to see clients without permission. 

Penguin Guy, aka “Joe”, checks out. He says he’s found a girl who is also into furry roleplay and he is living out and proud with the furry community now. This leads to a fight after which Pete and Tiff split up. 

Tiff goes to the hospital to help Gina with Doug, who treats both of them like dirt. Tiff also runs across Portia, Frank’s girlfriend, who can’t pay for her hospital checkup. Tiff uses MJP’s credit card to pay for it. Another breach of the dom-sub relationship trust, even if it’s for a good cause. 

Back at his place, Pete picks out outfits with the help of Rolph. He asks Rolph if he’s good at being a dominant.

Pete: “Mistress May banished you to work for me due to you professing your love for her, but do you think I’m good at this? At being a dom? And don’t tell me what I wanna hear just because I own you. Permission to speak honestly. Am I a good master?”

Rolph: “No.” 

Pete: “No? 

Rolph: “I miss my mistress. She is special. She has gift.”

Pete: “And what do I have?”

Rolph: “Insecurity masked by humor.” 

Meanwhile, Mira meets with MJP, who is also her business advisor. Mira talks about her rising rent and the economics of pro-domination. 

Mira: “With all these ‘fuck you, pay me’ Internet dommes out there? All they need is an iPhone and a Twitter account, and, no shade, get your money, but that is not how I work.”

Mira and MJP have known each other for a while. He talks about how much she has helped other people, which draws on the dominatrix-as-caretaker theme from Dominatrix

Mira: “Being kinky is part of who you are, John Paul.”

MJP: “It’s something that I finally accept about myself, but…”

Mira: “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, pet.” 

MJP: “Thank you Mistress. I wish that my family could see me the way you do.”

He touches the padlock on his collar, she touches the key on her necklace. 

These plotlines come to a head when Josh, accompanied by Pete, goes to his office to come out to his father, which turns out to be MJP.

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