Mar 112013

Lynndie-England -Abu-Ghraib-FemdomWell, this had to happen sooner or later. I found this image on the Femdom Artists blog. This is the cover of a Mexican magazine, presumably published sometime in the late 2000s, based on the iconic images of Lynndie England and other American soldiers abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib. “Arrogance and torture in Iraq!” shouts the headline.

Note the changes that appear on the painted cover: England is depicted as more shapely than in reality, and the male figures are depicted with more muscle definition. As for the woman in the foreground with the American flag pasties and the gun sticking out of her crotch…

It’s also interesting that this appears on a Mexican magazine, a nation not involved in the Iraq war, and therefore at a distance. A Mexican viewer can look upon this image and not feel any culpability at the actions depicted, just enjoying the spectacle and enjoying confirmation of prejudice that Americans are really violent and depraved brutes who allow their cruel, savage women to run wild on brown skinned people.  As we’ve seen before in the Ilsa films and other media, the sexual stands in for the political, and the sexually deviant woman personifies a politically deviant culture.

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  1. Back when she was in the news on an old general sexuality blog I had I posted something about the possibility of her becoming a Femdom icon of sorts.

    A few men left comments expressing their desire to be her slave, worshiip her, etc.

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