Jul 312023

Le Streghe (The Witches) is a 1967 Italian comedy anthology film. Each segment had a different director, and they all starred Silvana Mangano.

The last story, “An Evening Like the Others”, directed by Vittorio de Sica, features Mangano as a frustrated wife, Giovanna. Her American husband, Charles/Carlo (Clint Eastwood), is bored with her. Their domestic argument is interspersed with Giovanna’s fantasies.

When Carlo takes Giovanna to bed, she fantasizes about shooting a pistol at him, while wearing a long black leather dress, with a train and a spiked skull-cap. She insults him too. Though this only a brief scene, it’s possibly her most striking outfit.

The costumes for all segments were designed by Piero Tosi, who also designed the costumes for The Night Porter (1974), along with many other Italian films.

Mangano’s costume resembles that worn by Francine York in the episode “The Colonists” of the American TV series Lost in Space. However, the film and the TV episode were released only months apart so it seems unlikely one directly influenced the other.

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