Jun 112019
Peter Tupper standing next to Dan Savage, holding a copy of "A Lover's Pinch"
Me with Dan Savage, somewhere on the way to Portland, OR

After a chance meeting with Dan Savage on the way to Kinkfest 2019 in Portland, OR, he agreed to interview me about my book for his weekly Savage Lovecast. The only hitch is that the segment with me in the for-pay Magnum edition, not the regular edition. You have to subscribe.

  2 Responses to “Interview on the Savage Lovecast”

  1. I wonder why it is only for the paid listeners? If you got paid for it, cool cool, but if not, why limit the audience? Why not have part of your interview up then say “if you want to hear more, join our membership’ sotf of thing.

    • I figure that people willing to pay for the paid edition are more likely to be interested in issues of sexuality, and therefore more likely to investigate me and my book.

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