Aug 282012

This must have been an awesome thing to discover: a literally and figuratively underground sex club, Latex,  found in Whiskey row by workers preparing for demolition.

Two floors below Main Street, a large black and white logo displays the word “LATEX,” presumably the name of the club, painted on the century old wall.

From deep inside the subterranean blackness, a series of oil paintings depict a series of bizarre images, sexual and violent.


Below one painting, a piece of equipment that appears fit for a torture chamber remains.  A wooden rack large enough for one or two people includes a headrest and a rusted chain that can be turned by a handle. A gear resembling a saw blade is connected to the handle.

Workers found sheets of plastic that they presume separated the sub-basement into different rooms, candles, a disintegrated couch,  a mysterious piece of cloth draped over a table and chair and another chair – covered in cobwebs and in a slow decay.

In the accompanying photos, the pictures include versions or copies of Munch’s Scream, Goya’s Saturn devouring one of his sons, and a third painting I can’t recognize and may be original.

While the facades of the seven buildings, and some of their interiors, will be preserved, I wonder if anybody will preserve this. Who used this space? Who ran it? Google turns up nothing. Does this predate the Internet? 1980s or even earlier? I assume this club is not so old that nobody is left alive who remembers it. Will anybody consider this worthy of preservation or even study? I hope some evidence turns up about this place, sooner or later.

Any kinky people in Kentucky know about this place?

(Thanks to Gloria Brame for the post.)

  2 Responses to “Underground sex club discovered in Louisville, KY”

  1. Louisville Area Trust EXchange was around in the mid to late nineties. It’s really no big secret. It was a pretty cool dungeon back in the day. Latex members set up seminars for beginners to learn about safe play. We did how-to’s on bondage techniques, flogging, and spanking and such. Latex members also had demonstrations at several clubs around town back then. That third painting is of Dali’s Sleeping Woman.

  2. The “bizarre” paintings include reproductions of [*The Screem*]( and [*Saturn Devouring His Son*](, two of the most famous paintings of all time.

    It’s funny how paintings like this are works of art… but find them in a BDSM sex club and suddenly they’re no longer masterpieces, but just bizarre and disturbing.

    [See #20 and #21](

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