Aug 182012

Look at the kink tag on Tenebrous Kate’s blogspot and you’ll find a delightful array of vintage kink, flagellation and bondage material. The only question is where to begin?

Here’s a glimpse into “Le Musee des Supplices” (translation: “The Torture Museum”) by Roland Villeneuve, published 1968.

Here’s a 1931 book called “Painful Pleasures”, apparently translated into English from several different French sources, some of which were translated from English. Text by W.J. Meusal, illustrations by Francis Heuber. (More details at Biblio Curiosa.)

A look at Marquis magazine.

Anti-Catholic erotica from Georges Pichard

Plus looks at adult BDSM Eurocomix, the racial politics of blonde jungle goddesses, sex in Wiemar Berlin (“When German efficiency is applied to sex-for-sale, the concept of the Boot Girl is born–these street dominatrices advertised their services through the color of their patent-leather boots.”) and peeks at exploitation classics like Gor (1987), Caged Fury (1990) and Emanuelle Around the World (1977).

Seems to have stopped updating, alas.



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