Sep 142012

Woman in black tight clothing surrounded by leather belts and straps

Vintage Sleaze has a post on Tana Louise, the premier fetish/bondage model before Bettie Page and girlfriend of bondage pioneer Lenny Burtman.

The post ends with stating that the 1940s/1950s porn/fetish/kink world is still largely unexplored:

There are thousands of untold stories from the golden days of sleaze, as this blog proves, and that there have been over 800 posts here already only indicates how many more are to be told.  Yet, from this writer’s perch, Tana Louise is the MAJOR untold story of the 1950s.  A story not even scratched.

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  1. I agree that TL has not received anywhere near the attention she deserves. I consider her the greatest fetish model of all time. I was in my teens when the first issues of EXOTIQUE came out, and at the time I lived in NYC (as I now do still). I was able to get original copies of this mag (and the photo albums). An immense amount of credit has to be given to Lennie Burtman (her husband), who, it seemed, spared no expense in getting her wardrobe and photographing her in fetish attire. He’s one of the few people I’ve ever heard of who had a vision and then went out and realized it, apparently without regard to what anyone else thought.

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