Jun 072011

After hearing about this 2006 incident on the Masocast, I dug up a transcript of Ann Coulter’s views on the Conversio Virium, the BDSM educational group at Columbia University:

Well, what’s sort of surprising about it, and which is why I really think you should get a picture of the members of these clubs and, you know, a picture of the young College Republicans and the Christians, because someone who needs to join a club at college to find a way to have sex, probably not your lookers.

I realize this was five years ago and documenting Coulter’s inanities at this point is akin to flogging a dead horse, but it bears repeating.

Coulter’s attack is based on unsupported assumption about the people in this club. Coulter doesn’t take the standard feminist tack of arguing that this legitimizes sexual coercion and violence against women. Instead, she makes social attacks on the people involved: they must be ugly or socially inept, coming from broken homes. Conversative Christians are implied to be the true sexual experts, and more physically attractive.

This is a different strain of outside criticism against BDSM, that kinky people are unattractive, damaged and deeply unhip.

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