Mar 152010

From the introduction to Circlet Press’ new BDSM anthology, Kneel to Me:

Let’s call her Cindi.

She is a habitu√© of the slush pile, arriving in a story titled “Cindi’s Journey” or similar. She has a body with unlikely measurements, no history worth mentioning, and no special talents except the ability to walk in 5 inch heels while burdened by disproportionately large breasts. She lives in a future society indistinguishable from ours except that it supports some form of contract slavery that exists without political or economic rationale. For no particular reason she signs up for slavery and undergoes a lengthy period of what is called ‘training’ even though she doesn’t learn anything. Indeed, her trainers show no interest in developing her abilities beyond stretching her orifices. She has nothing to say beyond crying out prettily in response to the endless beatings or perhaps exclaiming over the size of her trainers’ penises (indeed, how would we know that their penises were fearsomely large if she didn’t dread accommodating them?) She may struggle in her restraints, but never in her soul. There is no twist to Cindi’s fate; at the end of the story she will be sold to one of her faceless masters.

Cindi sounds like a badly written descendant of Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy and Exit to Eden, probably the most accessible source material for this kind of writing. There are also traces of Reage’s The Story of O, which has antecedants going back to Diderot’s La Religieuse and Richardson’s Clarissa. It’s the female sexual initiation story.

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