Aug 222008

Whether you consider Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut to be a flawed, misunderstood masterpiece or a pretentious, leaden exploration of… something, it does reveal a lot of sexual history.

The centrepiece of the film is a sequence in which the lead disguises himself and crashes an exclusive orgy for the ultra-wealthy. He wanders around the mansion, witnessing what is probably the most boring and unerotic orgy ever committed to film.

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May 182007

LP Cover Lover‘s site pointed me at the Museum of Bad Album Covers, which includes more black leather, chrome studs, big hair and scantily clad women than you can shake a glove at.

Man O War


Not that the above band are supposed to be Christian metalheads.

Scorpions, Animal Magnetism

The above came out years before anybody straight had heard of vaginal fisting.

Village People

The Village People should have stuck with their schtick.

There’s a whole essay I could do about the connection between BDSM (or rather the BDSM look) and rock and metal, starting with Gene Vincent and going through the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs”, but I’m too tired right now.