Nov 082005

During my stay in NYC, someone at TES told me about Concerned Women for America, a conservative Christian group that has targeted the BDSM subculture in America.

Their website has some interesting press releases regarding BDSM:

An April 2002 press release objects to Howard Johnson hotel hosting a play event. “This is medically unsound and morally wrong,” said Mrs. Joey Davis, state director for Concerned Women for America of Missouri. “HOJO was once known to families as a safe place to stay and for its ice cream and restaurants. Now they don’t seem to care that they are identified with perverse, dangerous behavior.”

Another in October 2001 objected to TES deciding to hold its film festival in the aftermath of 9/11. “It was hoped by some that the spirit of unity and the uncommon valor shown by the heroic firemen, police, and rescue workers during the tragedy might spark a return to traditional values and a closing down of the “Business as Usual” sign. It remains to be seen what will happen in the long term.”

“What’s Going on at Homosexual Churches?” prints two ads for events held at Metropolitan Community Churches: one drag-king show, one BDSM workshop.

“Portland, Oregon, Mayor Proclaims ‘Leather Pride Week’ for Sexual Sadists” attacks Mayor Katz.

CWA President Sandy Rios said, “Whereas ‘your honors’ of old have paid tribute to visitors with keys to the city, perhaps Mayor Katz can now present keys to the city’s fur-lined hand-cuffs and bondage chamber. It’s amazing to behold how — in the name of ‘diversity’—committed liberals can’t say no to any perversion, yet we’re supposed to somehow believe they will still draw the line at sex between adults and children.”

CWA’s press releases have a calm, reasoned tone. They take the position that just describing what these events are will sufficiently horrify their constituency. Their secondary position is appeals to people’s health, family values and patriotism.

CWA also responded to the NCSF’s activism against it.

Just as pornographers use the First Amendment to defend the sale of porn, NCSF hopes to expand the realm of “free speech” to other “sexual areas,” including “sex enterprises, sexual-purpose clubs and educational and social groups.” If they succeed, it would limit the ability of citizens to keep sex clubs catering to sadomasochists, “swingers’” or other perversions out of their neighborhood and away from their children.

There’s also a little conspiracy theorizing.

“Homosexual activists have always been the largest supporters of, and the driving force behind, S&M perversion among heterosexuals,” Kleder [policy analyst with the Culture and Family Institute] said. “That is because normal, healthy, monogamous, heterosexual, marital relations are the biggest threat to their ultimate acceptance.”

“Once the unspeakable is openly promoted as a valid choice for heterosexuals, then the perversions of homosexual and related behaviors will seem less shocking to the public at large,” she added. “We should have expected something like NSCF to follow on the heels of the success of the homosexual lobby.”

Nice to know the we hetero kinksters have the vast power of the Homosexual Agenda behind us.

It’s an odd quirk that CWFA literature repeatedly uses the word “bondage” to describe addiction or anything that they don’t like. An “ex-lesbian” describes how one kiss put her in bondage for 16 years.

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