Aug 192019

I am proud to announce that A Lover’s Pinch is the co-winner for the Geoff Mains non-fiction book award for 2019, issued by the National Leather Association: International. My book shares this honour with The Sexually Dominant Woman: An Illustrated Guide for Nervous Beginners, written by Janet M. Hardy and published by Greenery Press.

This is the second Geoff Mains award I have won, the other being for the anthology I edited, Our Lives, Our History.

Dec 302018

The blog Of Love and Sex has reviewed A Lover’s Pinch.

A Lover’s Pinch is a deep dive that goes far beyond Leopold von Sacher-Masoch the Marquis de Sade. Admittedly, I wasn’t expected to read analyses of how religion, war, and slavery impacted our sexualities (and relevant imagery is included on some pages), but the author of this book is not afraid to broach those subjects.

I wouldn’t say that tricky subjects aren’t handled with care within these pages or that it’s un-PC, but the tone is sometimes decidedly frank. If you’re especially religious or still experience trauma from war or slavery, then A Lover’s Pinch might not be a book you wish to pick up (or you may wish to skip those specific chapters).

Jun 172018

A Lover’s Pinch launches in late July, but I’ll really get into promoting in August. So far, I’ve booked four events.

Sneak preview launch: August 4, 2018

You can get an early signed copy in the lobby at the Maritime Labour Centre at 1880 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K3, from 8PM to 10PM, during the monthly Vancouver Dungeon play party, presented by Metro Vancouver Kink.

Official launch party: August 8, 2018

This will be at The Art of Loving at 369 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P8, at 7:30 PM, August 8, 2018. This will feature a reading, books for sale, author Q&A and a prize draw, held at Vancouver’s premier adult store.

Book reading and signing: August 16, 2018

I’ll be holding a reading and signing at Little Sister’s LGBT bookstore (1238 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N3) at 7PM on August 16, 2018. Little Sister’s is a Vancouver institution with a long history.

Book Signing: August 18, 2018

I’ll be signing books at Indigo Spirit at 810 Granville & Robson, downtown Vancouver, BC, 12 noon – 2pm.

Jun 152018

Nicholas Tanek interviewed me for the Your Kinky Friends video stream/podcast, where I got to talk about A Lover’s Pinch, BDSM history, and my personal journey through the kink world. There are a lot of other interesting interviews and essays, including a series on the heroes of the kink community. There’s even a video chat with Susan Wright of NCSF.